Frequently Asked Questions

Key Breakdown

Time Remaining – The time remaining indicates the time that is left before the first item on an auction begins to close. Pay attention closely to this time so you don’t miss your opportunity to place bids!

Ends Soon – This icon is placed on auctions that are short-notice. These auctions end sooner than regular auctions and typically end in a few days – sometimes they are only 24-hour sales! When you see this icon, you should give the terms a closer look so you’re prepared for the upcoming end time.

Credit Card Only – This icon indicates that the auction you are bidding in only allows credit card as payment. Unfortunately these auctions don’t accept any other method of payment. Auctions with this icon mean that your credit card will be charged automatically for your won items once the auction has completely ended.

Shipping Available – When you see this icon, it means that the auction displaying it is offering the ability to have won items shipped. However, every auction is unique, and fees and shipping terms can vary from auction to auction or from seller to seller, so it’s important you review the terms to see how shipping will work for that particular sale.

Our Assistance Required – This icon indicates that the majority, if not all, of the items in an auction require forklift assistance for removal. This means that you should allow more time for removal, bring forklift-friendly vehicles to pick up your items and arrange any other type of assistance accordingly.

Bring Tools/Assistance – While all our auctions operate under the assumption that the buyer is responsible for the removal of their items, there are auctions where it’s imperative that buyers bring their own tools/assistance. Often, auctions sold on site, such as a restaurant, have equipment that is fully installed and will need involved time and resources to correctly remove. This icon indicates that a particular auction will require extra tools and help that a buyer is responsible for. Buyers should take full advantage of inspection times to fully determine what they will need to remove won items.

Independent Seller – Independent sellers are sellers who are not affiliated with Fast Track It, but are offering their own inventory or equipment for sale on our website. They inventory their own items and take responsibility for their descriptions, inspection date and time and removal date and time. Fast Track It may have limited knowledge for this auctions, e.g. directions to location, whether or not the items are located on site or in a warehouse, etc.

Self-Serve – The self-serve icon indicates that the majority, if not all, of the items in an auction are items that a buyer can arrive to pick up on their own in a warehouse. Buyers often will arrive at the warehouse, check in, grab a cart and locate their own items to pick and remove. This icon gives buyers notice that when they show up, they will be expected to locate and remove their own items.

Fast Track It Authorized – When you see this badge on an auction, it means that we have authorized this third party to create and run their individual business on our bidding platform. They are fully responsible for their own auctions, from shipping to removal to customer interaction and are representative of the Fast Track It company.

More Questions

I’m not receiving invoices or any e-mails from you. What should I do?

You should check the SPAM folder of whatever e-mail provider you are using to receiving our e-mails. If our e-mails have found their way in there, move them back to the inbox, mark them as “Not Spam” and add our e-mail to your contacts list. Invoices are sent by 9:00am the morning following the end of the auction, so if it’s prior to 9:00am, wait until then to contact us.

The auction says no shipping, but I bid anyway. Can you make an exception for me?

The short answer is no, with zero exceptions. Because many auctions are through independent sellers or on-site, shipping may not be available for those auctions. Shipping isn’t available for a variety of reasons – the seller does not have the resources to ship, the location (such as a restaurant) is not conducive to shipping, etc. Whatever the reason may be, if shipping is not advertised or if the terms say, “Shipping is NOT available” then it is not available whatsoever. We ask that you refrain from bidding in these auctions if you anticipate being unable to pick up in person. Because we clearly state those auctions don’t have shipping, we cannot make an exception or give a refund because you cannot pick up.

I mis-typed and mis-bid! What do I do?

First, use the contact submission link on our page to submit a request to our support team. The title of the auction WITH the preceding number is required, as is the item number you mis-bid on and your own bidder number. Do this IMMEDIATELY. We can only process mis-bids via our submission form PRIOR to the auction closing. If you call and leave a voicemail, if you e-mail the next morning, or do anything except as you’re instructed, we can’t process the mis-bid.

I thought these auctions were all in Cincinnati! Where are you?!

Our company headquarters is in Cincinnati, OH, but we are a national company, with locations all over the country. Not all of our auctions are located at 4000A McMann Road. This is why we provide the address of the auction on the front page and three times in the terms and details page. ALWAYS check this information before you bid, because we cannot offer refunds due to overlooking the terms and details provided.

What’s an “independent seller” and what does that mean to me?

An independent seller is a third-party company or seller. They are not affiliated with Fast Track It, and they inventory their own auctions along with providing their own inspections and removal. They are listing their sales on our site and bear responsibility for them. Typically, what this means for a bidder is that if they have questions or concerns with that particular auction, they will be directed to interact with that business directly. However, Fast Track It does hold these third-party sellers to a certain level of expectation. If you ever have a concern or question with a third-party seller, e.g. you couldn’t resolve a matter or you feel that they’re not employing best practices, we want to know about it so we can assist you and also so we can monitor that seller closely to determine if they will remain a viable fit for our website.

I arrived at a removal and had to get my own items, but I didn’t have any tools! Don’t you always get my stuff for me?

Because the nature of auctions is usually as-is where-is, we ask that our bidders assume that any item they bid on is an item they must be prepared to pick up or remove on their own. For McMann auctions, many auctions are self-serve unless the equipment is too large and must be retrieved via forklift employees. If an auction were to be on-site at a restaurant, a buyer would need to assume that light fixtures will be up as they would have been while the restaurant was in service, and thus bring appropriate items such as a ladder, screwdriver, etc., to remove the items. Our suggestion to you is to always assume you’ll be removing your own items and use the inspection to figure out what will be needed to do so.

I’m having trouble registering as a bidder, why could this be?

The most common reason people are unable to complete registration is because the information they enter is not completely identical to the information they have for their credit card’s billing information. Make sure your phone number, address and name (down to the middle initial) match exactly.


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